May 28, 2019

Why move to digital signage?

Because it allows deeper and more creative communication with your audience.

Advertising has evolved

Through social networking and modern digital media technology, advertising has advanced. Consumers are now demanding more engagement, which is stimulating innovation in how brands convey their messaging efficiently.

Leading this innovation is the revolution of signs and posters. As we rapidly move to a more digital environment, signage is no longer static.

Digital signage can be used in a variety of ways — not just placed in a store window (although this is an effective way of engaging consumers before they enter a premises). Limiting signage to the store front dramatically reduces the ability to educate, inform and influence.

SalonSense Media, a digital signage company based in the USA, reported that digital signage reaches 70% of Americans each year. And boasts a 52% recall rate — higher than both television (32%) and radio (27%).

The right equipment is key

It’s essential that retailers use the right hardware for the job. Consumer grade TVs and screens struggle to keep up with commercial demands. Fortunately, there is a range of high-performance screens available on the market, such as the LG 75TC3D touchscreen. These screens have exceptional bright light display quality, ensuring your captivating content can be seen, appreciated and engaged with.

Stepping away from the traditional poster allows you to tell a more in-depth story about your brand and product. Integrating in-store signage with other digital channels, like social media, will allow for an enhanced market position through digital innovation.

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