July 3, 2019

Testing, testing, testing…

A screen is a screen, right? Surely a 1920x1080 HD photo will work on everything?

If we have learnt anything over the years building digital content, it is the importance of testing across multiple screens and players. No system is the same, each has its own way of doing things from different aspect ratios, frame rates and even colour calibration.

This is why we built a wall of test screens as part of our new Wellington HQ. Having a test wall allows us to ensure all videos and images play consistently across all screens and players.

The value we place on testing and continuous improvement has been influenced by our roots in software development, making it a little unique in the world of content.

Taking the values of agile for testing, then having the real world environment set up at EndGame HQ allows our developers to test and iterate in real-world simulations. This reduces risk when we roll out updates and platform enhancements for clients.

We apply the same testing approach to content production for clients. This has enabled us to deliver stunning content, optimised for its final digital location with screens pre-tested and refined. An added benefit of this approach is that we are able to pick up on player and formatting differences well in advance of the final work being shipped, driving efficiency in our projects.

Why test? It provides real-world visibility in a market that can change in a heartbeat.

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