September 26, 2019

Level up - Flightboards Kiosk

We recently solved a commonly faced problem using Nod; Can you improve meeting room management through the use of digital signage? 

Our answer was a resounding yes! Working with the innovative workplace management tool yrspace, we created an innovative solution to assist navigating through buildings and managing meeting rooms. This solution is called the Flightboard, at a glance you have an excellent overview of a floor plan and how exactly it is being used. 

The software was built initially for the team at Spark as they were after a solution that enabled them to showcase innovation in their 5G Lab in Auckland. The Flightboard uses a variety of API data feeds. These data feeds are packets of information shared between two software solutions allowing us to visualise it in an informative way, this includes:

  • Facial recognition, this allows the software to recognise a user when they approach.  Resulting in a streamlined booking experience for the user. They are greeted by the Flightboard as they approach it, they can select and book available meeting rooms.
  • Wifi mapping, this enables the team at Spark to showcase the number of active connections to the wifi network inside the lab and where exactly they are. This also allows Spark to see what are their most popular exhibits are. 
  • Workspace management system, we integrated the Nod Platform with the yrspace room management data feed to allow the Flightboard to access meeting rooms, book them and identify who is attending which meeting. The software also displays real-time availability for rooms that are in use or available to be booked.
  • Room sensors, this allows users to monitor the CO2 levels in the meeting rooms along with the temperature and a host of other information designed to optimise the meeting room experience.  
  • Automatic desk sensors, this enables people to know at a glance which desks are free.
Spark Flightboard

Another customer who has taken advantage of the Flightboard solution is BNZ bank. BNZ wanted the ability to manage meeting rooms spread across multiple floors from one central place. The Flightboard was the perfect solution for BNZ providing a simple yet intuitive solution for both staff and customers. 

BNZ Flightboard

The Flightboard software  is designed to enhance and simplify the experience of building and room management, leveraging the power of API Data Feeds. The power of a Flightboard can go much further to simplify the lives of your customers and staff, from booking a room or booking an event, ordering and purchasing of consumer goods and services, or simply providing information enabling and empowering self-help. 

On the Nod platform, anything is possible as it is so much more than just a sign. 

We’d love to hear the information exchange challenges you face in your business and talk through how these could be solved with Nod digital signage. Email us at 

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