May 28, 2019

Brand experience, it’s handcrafted, not handwritten

The other day I came into our building and noticed a handwritten bit of paper stuck to the wall on the lift, it was giving instructions on where to go for a film shoot. Cheap and easy, which is what I thought of the brand that had written it.

This made me think, what sort of experience does that offer people? Sure it is easy, however, in this case, there was a beautiful hi-res digital display at the bottom of the lifts. The display details what’s happening in the building, ads and other useful information like the time and weather. No doubt that brand organising the event hadn’t given it any thought that they could have simply had the same notice displayed elegantly on the digital display. How often is it that we overlook the impact of our actions when it comes to our brand? The simple act of writing on a bit of paper and sticking it to the wall is easy and arguably an efficient way of notifying people. But, the expectation that it sets is ‘we are all about the last minute, unprofessional, and sure don’t think ahead or about our brand’. Well, that might be a little harsh, but the world is competitive when it comes to branding. The brand experience starts at the very first touch point with an organisation. Not just the website, or the logo on a business card, but the moment you walk in the door, the look, the smell of a work environment, the way we present ourselves, right through to our signs and brand marks throughout the world.

To bring this back on topic, the use of a digital sign to aid the wayfinding experience is as simple as sending an email, especially with NOD. Digital signs don’t only have to be used to guide people through an environment, they can also be used to help evacuate people by integrating with the fire alarm, then when an evacuation is needed the screens can switch to an alert message as well as displaying the meeting points for evacuation.

If we want to get really technical, digital signs can use facial recognition to help guide people through a complex environment or large campus, picking up their face as they move through the environment, alerting them to the simplest way to their destination. As always, it is fundamental to keep the user experience as the focus, designing content and experiences that build loyalty.

A brand is something we invest in and can be simply undone by not being aware of the impact we create, whilst a quick note stuck on the wall might seem like a good idea, is it the right thing for your brand?

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