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Simple to Use
Intuitive design means everyone can get Nod up and running with ease. With drag-and-drop media management, your content playlists can be created and uploaded in seconds.
Centrally managed
From one off ads to long-term campaigns, you can schedule your content to the minute. Nod’s dashboard displays real-time information and analytics for all screens in your Nod network.
We are working tirelessly to bring industry-first features to the market. We are also receptive to the suggestions made by our user-base, and regularly update Nod with requested features.
You can rely on Nod to play 24/7. The content will continue playing even if the screens lose connection to the internet, as all media assets and playlists are stored locally on each screen.
Every individual screen is programmable, allowing for flexibility to share stats with your team, celebrate your company’s successes and showcase your social media, all on one screen.
Nod enables the screens across your network to be categorised into ‘zones’. With this macro functionality, different content can be targeted for specific audiences in a variety of locations.

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Curate Impactful Displays

Content Management Systems aren’t our end-game; at Nod we are able to provide not just the technology, but also the content for your digital signage:


To enable quick and easy updates to your content we frequently develop feature requests into customisable templates. From promoting events to presenting tweets, regular content updates are easy to put together with Nod.


From seamless integration of media feeds to designing brand campaigns, the development and implementation of engaging content can be done with our in-house team of content experts to maximise the impact of your digital signage.


A benefit of digital signage is that content can be scheduled far in advance. With Nod you will have access to our dedicated specialists to help devise and manage your marketing campaigns. This ensures that your content remains relevant.


Many businesses already use Nod to better communicate with their staff, customers and patrons.

Nod in action


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Level up - social media integration


Nod is a company which is developed by EndGame New Zealand – an innovative software company based in Wellington. In 2019 we established a dedicated content team to ensure that we have the full spectrum of service covered.

Made in New Zealand

Created and managed by innovative New Zealanders, you’ll always have timely access to the Nod support team.


Inside EndGame there is a passionate team focused on delivering stunning service, content, and support to our Nod clients. The team is made up of an eclectic group of individuals from technical to creative, who are here to serve and support you and your vision.


Get in touch, we’d love to get everyone saying yes to your content. Make them nod with us.
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